About us

 Name and aims

        Seeds association for development and culture, is a Palestinian educational and cultural non-governmental organization, working to strengthen the role of youth, children and women in the society, though adopting divers mechanism, and methods of education, which aim to shape the way of their fight for democracy and human rights, based on the democratic socialist ideas of freedom, equality and solidarity.
   " Seeds" Aims to promote the  social democratic values,  among the Palestinian youth, and to realize a Palestinian  society  with high respect  to human rights principles,   based on the principles of International low,and the universal declaration of human rights .

    "Seeds" serves Palestinian children, and youth by:

    Organizing educational activities in the different Palestinian areas, mainly in the refugee camps .
    Organizing campaigns, conferences, sport activities, and round tables based on its values and principles.

3 networking with our sister organizations, in Palestine, the region, and in the international level.

    A Palestinian organization with global vision

    While " Seeds" mainly work with the Palestinian children, and young people, in Palestine, it's as well believe that international solidarity, and cooperation with our sisters organizations from all over the world, is very important in order to achieve its goals.

  Seeds Values, -

Seeds fight for:
Freedom, Equality, justice, human dignity,  Democracy, Peace, solidarity,  Social Justice, free education, freedom of expression, Revolutionary Spirit, Free Access to infractions, Environmental awareness, Tolerance, Dialogue, youth Participation,  Human rights, Youth rights,  Women's rights, Children's rights, disability rights, Conflict Prevention, Global zero – Disarm, Sustainable Development, Democratizing the Global Economy, Ending Poverty, Decent work – Decent life, Team work. Cooperation, coexistence,  mutual respect, nonviolence, Voluntary spirit, transparency, social responsibility, loyalty, giving,  Credibility, accountability, Transparency, gender equality, Health, Freedom of speech, Voice, Representation,   Good infrastructure,  Better waste management, Political freedom,  Political stability,  Economic and political security,  Water security, Wellbeing

Seeds  struggle against

Oppression, injustice, discrimination, violence,  nepotism, pollution, Armament, hatred, Intolerance, Racism, wars, Tyranny, Authoritarianism, Dictatorship, Poverty, illiteracy, extremism, exploitation, terrorism, Radicalism, Unemployment, Sexism, Harassment,  Corruption,  Criminal activity, Inequality, Dishonesty, Being silenced,

Inequality, Conflict, Religious friction,Hegemony,Economic vulnerability, Climate change, Depletion of resources, Over population, Environmental degradation, Political instability, Lack of resources, Governmental secrecy, Religious division, Media misrepresentation.

 Gender equality:

      50% of  seeds  representatives shall be of each gender To reach this goal .

Seeds membership

Every child or young person that fulfills the following requirements is a full member of Seeds:

    Accepts "Seeds"' aims, Principles and the Statutes.
    Joining Seeds activities which achieve the goals of the organization.
    14 years old minimum .

 Every child or young person that fulfills the above mentioned, and didn’t pay his membership fees requirements  will be considered observer member  of Seeds:

The membership in "Seeds" is a right for all  of Palestinian children and youth membership applications must be sent to the secretariat. And an written answer should be sent to the applicant within 1 week .

The membership for children, under the age of 18 is free, while the membership for the members  above the age of 18 is 25 Euro yearly.

 Paying Membership  fees is a requirement  for voting and holding positions inside seeds, while the members whom don’t pay their membership fees, considered observers, they can join all the meetings, and to propose resolutions as well.

Full members and observers have the right to speak, and to present resolutions,   in meetings of the Congress, and annual meetings,  Full members have the right to speak, and vote, and to present proposals of resolutions.

Seeds bodies

   1- The general Congress
   2- The annual meeting
   3- The Presidium
   4- The secretary General
   5- The secretariat
   6- The Secretary General
   7- Financial auditor

 The Congress is the supreme body of Seeds. It determines policies and ensures their implementation within the framework of the Declaration of Principles and these Statutes, it decide any amendment on The Statues,. It controls the work of other Seeds bodies. And discusses the financial report, elect  the secretary general, the presidium  and the financial auditor.

The Congress convenes once every 2 years, takes place in September,  and must be convoked by the Presidium at three months in advance, one moth in advance the call for nomination should be open for all the full members,  The Presidium proposes an agenda for the Congress,  An Extraordinary Congress can be convoked when the Presidium or 1/3 of all full member propose to do so, Every full member has one vote, observer members have no votes ,


The annual meeting

The annual meeting  determines the policy of Seeds  between the Congresses and ensures its implementation within the framework of the Statutes. It controls the activities of the Presidium, secretary general, the secretariat, And discusses the financial, and activity  reports.

The Council assembles the year between years of a Congress and is convoked by the Presidium three months in advance.
every  member has one vote in the annual meeting, observer has the right to talk, and to propose resolutions, and has no right to vote.



Between the Council and the Congress the highest decision taking body is the Presidium, which is responsible for leading the work of Seeds

The Presidium is composed of 13 members,

The Presidium must have at least 50 % from each gender.

Presidium members have to be  a full members of Seeds

 If the presidium member  has changed its status in Seeds from full member to observer member, or leave the organization, ,  the Council, or the congress  elects a new member.

The members of the Presidium are elected by the Congress for the period between the Congresses.

Candidatures must be presented together with a letter of motivation, that will be made public, to Seeds Secretariat at least two weeks  before the Congress.

The member of the Presidium who is not present or substituted on three consecutive meetings of the Presidium, loses their mandate with immediate effect, unless the member has sought leave from the Presidium to be absent from that meeting and the same is granted. A reason for asking for leave from the Presidium meeting must be presented by the Presidium member. If leave is granted by passing a motion of the Presidium, that Presidium member shall be considered excused at that Presidium meeting for the purposes of this attendance criteria.

The Presidium, during its first meeting after the World Congress, defines each Vice President’s portfolio and role.


    The Secretary General will execute the decisions made by the Congress, the annual meeting, and the Presidium. The Secretary General manages the work of the Secretariat.

  If the Secretary General resigns, the Presidium elects a new Secretary General to be ratified by the next annual meeting or congress .

    The Secretary General will work out a political, organizational and financial report which is to be presented to the Presidium for approval. The report shall then be presented to the Council and to the Congress.

The Presidium in its entirety is responsible to the Congress for the finances of Seeds. The financial report has to be discussed by the annual meeting,  and the congress,  

The sources of finance are membership fees; incomes from activities and publications; donations, and other allocations; and unconditional  grants from national, regional and international institutions. The finances of  Seeds must be presented to a qualified external auditor on an annual basis.

Seeds  is represented through its President and its vice president, and the treasury, . On financial matters .

The members will be informed about the long-term plans for Seeds  through an action plan that presents planning of activities, political initiatives and strategic priorities. The action plan should also inform which Presidium members – individually or collectively – bear the responsibility for such preparations on behalf of the Presidium.


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